Blog Posts From the 2010 U.N. Convention on Climate Change

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University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute Assistant Director Jim Hurley and Prof. Cal DeWitt from the University of Wisconsin Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies are accredited observers at the 2010 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Cancun, Mexico. The international convention includes 178 participating governments, along with representatives from 1,297 non-governmental organizations and 83 intergovernmental organizations. The convention is a follow-up to the 2009 Copenhagen meeting and is continuing negotiations on internationally binding climate change resolutions. The meeting dates are Nov. 29 – Dec. 10, 2010.

Both Hurley and DeWitt are blogging from the meeting about their contributions to the international climate discussions, as well as gaining global perspectives.

Guests are free to review blog postings and any other resources on this climate change wiki.

Blog Entries by Jim Hurley

Sunday, Dec. 5thThoughts on Attending the Conference
Monday, Dec. 6thLogistics
Financing and Adaptation Planning
The Conversation with President Calderon
Tuesday, Dec. 7thFrom the Bloggers Loft
The high-level negotiations begin
Wednesday, Dec. 8thThe morning “drill” …. and the youth groups
U.N. Climate Financing Report
Thursday, Dec. 9thSome questions and some answers
Kiribati – At the forefront of the climate change issue
Friday, Dec. 10thNegotiations Continue
The agreement may be near?
Saturday, Dec. 11thLeaving Cancun

Blog Entries by Cal DeWitt

Monday, Dec. 6thCOP16
Tuesday, Dec. 7thMitigation and Adaptation
Near-Term Climate Change Mitigation
The Biospheric Economy: Living Sustainably on Earth
Wednesday, Dec. 8thGreat Sunrise, Great Weather, Great President
Thursday, Dec. 9thUW Alumna on U.S. COP16 Delegation
Molina & Ram, CO2 Refrigerants & Coulomb
Civil Societies of China and the U.S.
Friday, Dec. 10thDay of Decision
Agriculture and Cultural Survival
"The Biggest Threat to the Human Race"
COP16 at High Noon
Subnational Action on Climate Change
Three-Minute Ovation - Day of Decision at Six PM
Saturday, Dec. 11thMorning has Broken
The Cancun Agreements - Civility, Transparency, Inclusiveness
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