Sea Grant Climate Network Workshop 2009

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Workshop Agenda

Keith DixonPerspectives on the Science of Climate Change – Global, Regional and Local
Jim MorrisHealthy Coastal Ecosystems - Coastal Wetlands
Charlie StockSafe and Sustainable Seafood Supply
Eileen SheaHazard-resilient Coastal Communities
Josh FosterSustainable Coastal Development - Adapting in Urban Regions
Joe ConeWorking from a conceptual model of the problem and conducting empirical research on your stakeholders
Robyn WilsonUnderstanding decision making: “rational” and “behavioral”
David MacNeillUnderstanding and communicating scientific uncertainty
Shawn RoweUnderstanding the process of individual and group learning
Katrina HoffmanAdaptation Planning in King County and Beyond
Jess WhiteheadDefining vulnerability, adaptation and working with decision-makers
Stephanie FauverTools for assessing vulnerability and adaptation
Dan WalkerCPO Resources for Assistance on Adaptation Assessment
Pam RubinoffThe Rhode Island experience with adaptation
Pat CorcoranThe Oregon experience with adaptation
Angela PierceCommunity Partner Project (WI)- Healthy Coastal Ecosystems
Sadie DrescherCommunity Partner Project (MD)- Healthy Coastal Ecosystems/Sustainable Coastal Development
David MitchelCommunity Partner Project (AK) - Safe and Sustainable Seafood Supply
Melissa Iwamoto and Marnie MeyerCommunity Partner Project (HI)- Hazard-resilient Coastal Communities
Philip West/Spencer RogersCommunity Partner Project (AL)- Sustainable Coastal Development
David StoneyCommunity Partner Project (SC)- Climate Change Communication and Education
Robin CraigLegal and policy barriers to climate change adaptation
Sherry GodlewskiState adaptation planning processes in New Hampshire
Damien LeonardThe Dutch land use system as a model for U.S. sea level rise policy
Jim MurrayIntegrating climate change into Sea Grant and other NOAA agencies

Funding provided by the Climate Program Office, National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration to the University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute.
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